As I always say, I love when people get together and ‘do things’. The 5 swiss ladies behind 5moms.ch get my thumbs up. They sell all kinds of adorable hand-made stuff on their site. A few of my favorites are:

The “Pharmacy pouch” to keep bandaids, arnica creme and bo-boo-juice handy in your purse. The stuff we moms carry around, right?

A bicycle bag for your little one.

Reversible Beach Bags that come in all sorts of fun designs. Cellphone pouch to protect your phone and which also that let’s you hang it off your charger, when plugged in. Nifty. An adorable shopping bag for our little ones.

(They obviously need help with a more professional site, but they get my two thumbs up no matter what. It’s all about putting yourself out there, following through with an idea. Hope they’ll be successful. )

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  1. Very cool!

    Another few mums do hand-made children clothes under label ‘jimmy racoon’ here in Switzerland: http://www.jimmyracoon.ch

  2. a bike bag with a car on it? interesting choice…

  3. my nephew just got a bike for his birthday, and now I think he’ll get a bag to go with it!

  4. more cute litte indergarden-bags:

  5. more cute litte bags, for kindergarden, to go shopping with mum…

  6. Very sweet bags, especially the bike ones.
    I like the look of their site though, so refreshing to see some color! Poppy orange happens to me my favorite as well.

  7. If you like that you might want to check http://www.das-kroenchen.de/ a shop from Düsseldorf/Germany that has been around for quite some time.