Baby Porcupine

Baby Porcupine. Today’s dose of cute overload by Sharon Montrose.

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    I’ve been looking for something to cover a large section of wall in my office and a clump of these animal photos is just what the doctor ordered. I could stare at animals all day.

  2. Bradley and Molly bought this for me for my birthday. I love it. :)

  3. I believe this image was featured in Communication Arts’ photography issue. I was wondering what the source was. Nice find.

  4. beautiful….

    have you seen this?

    it is extremely sweet

  5. this made my day. seriously. thank you. :)

  6. Adorable! Looks pretty harmless but can they hurt someone at this age? Predatory animals can be cute when they are babies but grow up into ferocious beasts that can hurt or even kill a human.

  7. You know that they’re called porcupettes, right? Makes it oh-so-much more adorable.

  8. I agree with with wishful nals. This made my day. this is what i needed.

  9. Check out baby hedgehogs. omg.