Chalk-it-to-me Piggy Bank

Chalk-it-to-me Piggy Bank is the cutest Piggy Bank I have ever seen. I am sold!

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  1. omg these piggy banks are too cute!

  2. me gusta ..!!! muy bueno

  3. Oh god I used to collect banks like that. But these are so cute!

  4. err this is a rip off….company called luckies have done a product like this for ages. Check it out

  5. there’s also this one too…

    there are plenty of other products with chalk surfaces,
    +cheese plate:
    + mugs:
    so the idea of using chalk surface in a different context isn’t new including the luckies pig….depending on how you interpret “new”
    but to compare it all, i like this modern interpretation the most i think.