101 Things I Learned In Business School

I am a big fan of the Things I learned series and often keep going back to the Archicture School Edition. I just noticed that they now have one out with the following title: 101 Things I Learned In Business School.

(How much do I love Kindle? With the click of a button the book appeared on my iPad. With the exception of beautiful art/photography books, I have no interest in purchasing ‘real’ books anymore. You?)

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  1. Yes, great … unless you live in Switzerland (or anywhere else in Europe)!

    Here, Amazon just tells us: “this title is not available in your region”!

  2. I believe they have a “culinary school” edition too.

  3. I would normally agree, except I love the Archicture School Edition in print. It’s a cute little book, beautifully bound.

  4. no no no! not to the book (yes yes yes) but to only getting e-books. think about the fave childhood moments, the sound of the turn of the page, knowing what’s coming next, the smell of old books, the crispness of page of new…
    real books for me, please.

  5. Never a Kindle, or any other e-book, for me! Hail to paper and typography as it was meant to be seen and smelled. Reading is as much a mental pleasure as it is a sensory one :)

  6. Kindle works for me most of the time. It delivers in a minute! Here in India it takes Amazon 5-6 weeks to deliver. (Now where are the books I ordered in June?)

    My wife however prefers paper so we buy a few books online. I hate paper I can read on computer screen as well or even on iPhone screen. Am going to buy an iPad soon (not yet available here – Apple is sleeping!)

  7. If all the formats would be open, “All Hail to the Kindle” or whatever reader.
    But as long as Amazon / Apple are keeping the lid on them.. Why buy something you can not sell? Or lend?
    They are not selling it to you in the OLD WORLD SENSE.
    Its more a “you can use it until we decide to change something”.

    And a paper books is here, in my house and I can keep it until the zombies come and destroy everything.

  8. As convenient as they can be. Electronic prints can never replace the traditional prints.

    I think the senses of touch and smell are as important.

  9. Oh, the beauty of a printed book (not only art books) can’t be beat by electronic devices. My husband is a librarian and I love visiting him at work and perusing the bookshelves. There is nothing better than the comforting smell of a printed book, opening it up and flipping through the pages.

  10. that’s the most horrible thing I’ve heard in my whole life!

  11. How can any designer (do you consider yourself a designer?) ever feel that books are no longer valuable? That’s probably not what you are saying but that is the way it comes across – I love to look at books, to feel them, and to own them. I don’t think I can ever feel that way about a bunch of digital files on my e-reader.

    How can a parent (you are a parent right?) not want to cuddle up and share a book with their child? – I remember my daughter not even near a year old, reaching out and turning the pages of a book I read regularly to her. We need these tactile moments with our children – and so do they!

    Long live the book!

  12. Real books are lovely and the physicality of them can’t (yet) be replaced by the ebook, but that said when there’s a book I really want to read, having it pushed to my iPad and be reading it 20 seconds later gives me a different kind of thrill you don’t quite get from buying a book at a bookstore, unless you happen to find the *only* remaining copy of some obscure out-of-print book you’ve been looking for for years- now THAT feels special!

  13. we have an ipad here at the office and i used my mom’s kindle recently. Both are nice but the big drawback to me is you still have to pay for the books… we use the library for most books. my father in law is a librarian for a university and my wife worked at the public one here for awhile.

    i doubt libraries are going to be getting ebooks you can checkout anytime soon etc, because of the limitations of the devices and the type of media / copy protection. We aren’t rich so we can’t be spending $7.99 on a new kindle download every week (no we also don’t buy $3-4 coffees or anything like that every day either)

    just like the instant downloads of itunes etc, i wonder how this is effecting people’s cash flow and CC debt. It is too easy to say, sure i want this, bam another 8 bucks gone

  14. Oh my! Now that comment set people of, didn’t it?

    I didn’t say I don’t love and cherish books. Of course I do, I am a designer and just so that you know, my thesis was a 200 page photo/design book! What I was saying is that I prefer what I call ‘reference books’ in digital form.

    I will always keep buying beautiful art/photo books. And believe me, my daughter has a HUGE bookshelf filled with kids books.

    Please keep in mind as well that in small NYC apartments space is limited. If I had a big giant house, I’d dedicate one room as my library. And I’d fill it with books like nobody else.

  15. The New York Public Library is a treasure and we should know that librarians all love physical books (obviously!) but are working hard to make e-books available for circulation. OverDrive (http://ebooks.nypl.org/4219FC02-BE17-4168-95C1-865212DFFE34/10/257/en/Default.htm) and several other companies are now in the business of making this a service to libraries everywhere.

    You don’t have to dedicate a room to books, just walk down to your local branch. Libraries are good like that.

  16. I would like to invite those who have a particular interest on this topic to please watch the video “Gestures” on my website.

    With all respect on all opinions, the more I reflect on this theme, the more I find it silly to be even drawing comparisons. We are talking about objects with a quite identical function but apart from that, most of their characteristics are very different. Personally, I absolutely support both.

    Nice one Tina.

  17. there is no comparison. books win every time.
    and hopefully will continue to win out over electronics.
    at least my little, old fashioned fingers are crossed in hope
    and my library card is in constant use.

  18. I have the “101 Things I learned in Architecture School” book. I find it invaluable really, the whole series is brilliant.

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