Difficult difficult lemon difficult

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  1. Love ‘In The Loop’! Love ‘The Thick of It’ even more!

  2. unfortunately in the loop wasn’t as funny as i had hoped.

  3. Strange movie on the whole… but certainly quotable! My Dad really got on board with “difficult, difficult… lemon difficult” and manages to work it into daily conversation :)

  4. these are the only 2 criticisms i have seen of this film. i can only assume you are not accustomed to Armando Iannuci’s work! this is one the best British political satires i’ve seen since the Brass Eye days. It made my flight to Australia very much worth the poor food i was served :) thank you for posting this Swiss Miss!

  5. funniest movie of the decade!

  6. Easy easy mango Easy!

  7. When we watched this the first time we had to keep stopping it so we could recover from laughing so hard we were crying, and couldn’t hear or see it.

    It’s really that funny. Then we couldn’t find anyone who’d seen it besides us.

    @desc: a mash up of Wag the Dog and Burn This. See it, see it, see it.

  8. Okay, that was awesome! Thanks.