Great Design

“Great design does not come from great processes; it comes from great designers.” – Fred Brooks

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  1. that quote seems very backwards.

  2. Sounds perfect… the same is true for software/websites… Brooks did a great job in The Mythical Man Month of calling out a great developer as the only factor that can defy timelines and expectations.

    Great people create great things- processes should be built in a way that helps great people do great things more easily.

  3. How’s about “great designers + great processes = GREAT DESIGN”?

  4. i didnt read the whole article…. but that frase just doesnt make sense to me.

    As far as I know, “great designers” have done several things in order to be great, that experience is always a process… understanding design only as a matter of “magical inspiration to me because im awsome and great and you guys should not spend your time in the process because u dont have the touch, u just dont have it and all the glory comes to me and a few great bla bla bla” is just stupid.

    maybe is a lillte too much, NOT having read the article and everything but that quote.. in my opinion: lets keep our asses in the chair!

    picasso said it better:
    “La inspiración existe, pero tiene que encontrarte trabajando”