Handkerchief Wedding Invitation

If I wasn’t married already, this is the invitation I’d want: Map on handkerschief featuring directions to the wedding venue. Location font is based on iconic “Greetings from …” postcards. Congrats on the fabulous idea and the upcoming wedding, Youngna.

Design + letterpressing by Kelli Anderson
Fabric printing by Spoonflower
Sewing, folding, ironing, envelope typing, stamping by Youngna

UPDATE: Kelli, the designer just sent me a link to her blog post where she explains the entire process in detail. What a talent.

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  1. Groom provided by Jacob.

  2. I wonder if its socially acceptable to actually use. Maybe someone could clarify.

  3. Fantastic idea! Love love love.

  4. @chickenflava – I reckon it would be ok to use this for polite and reserved tears of joy for the happy couple. Not for howling sobs and runny noses (even if they are howling sobs of joy!)

  5. A creative and original idea adding an extra dimension to a wedding invitation…

    Well done.

  6. Incredible idea. What a lovely way to invite guests. Very original indeed.

  7. @chickenflava – You could definitely use it as a pocket square for your suit!

  8. WOW, Wish I would have seen this for my wedding too! Too cool!

  9. Too cute.. creatively well-done!

  10. I love this! Such a pretty professional and this is great blog.