Jazz Packing

The below Honda Jazz commercial made me laugh. Nice refreshing take on car commercials:

(via substudio)

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  1. The first time I’ve laughed at a car commercial in years.

    -Fair Trade!

  2. the giant polaroid was perfect.

  3. Now that they’re getting made fun of in mainstream commercials, you know the hipster era is really truly finally over, phew.

  4. Aussie hipsters. God help me. ROFL at the quotes – who in Australia reads Kerouac?? – reminds me of a -serious- hipster advert I saw once for an ultramobile laptop, with a load of pretentious Jazz-age reference – *gah*. Don’t speak too soon though Luce – a TV show just started here whose characters could have walked straight out of this advert, right down to the crochet waistcoats and scarves. And now we’re getting some CIA series and the leads love Mingus. As if.