lo-fi sofa

Lo-Fi Sofa by Christiane Högner. Made me smile and want to take a nap.

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  1. it looks super comfy. I saw a version made with coulored cushions that was even more fun.

  2. ahhhhh sooo cool and relaxing:)

  3. That is one comfortable looking couch! I wonder how well a stack of pillows would work as a real couch though.

  4. the sight of it makes me happy! …looks like it’d collect a good amount of change too.

  5. Yay, vacuuming crevices for days!

  6. I love the fluffy and inviting look of the couch. Overall it’s an incredible design.

  7. Really very nice and pretty .. I think this sofas is collection of sofas .. I love this sofa


  8. Ha ha! I hate that!

    It looks like a war bunker! :D I can just see a soldier crouched behind it now!

    Did I ruin it for everyone ;-)) hee hee.

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  10. When you look at it, feels like you’re on heaven ’cause of its fluffiness ( if there’s such a word ). Amanda’s comment made me laugh. True, it looks like one.