Crib House

Dave Keune designed this crib/changing station/dresser combo called Nina’s House to solve the problem of making room for baby without having to renovate or move into a bigger place. I am not a fan of cribs and changing tables, but this refreshing new approach made me smile.

(via minordetails)

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  1. Looks neat but I can’t imagine how to change diapers sideways.

  2. (may want to ad: in a comfortable way.)

  3. do u know where it can be purchased or how much is it?

  4. Yeah, if the little roof folded back so you could change diapers easier, this would be ingenius. Cool idea.

  5. Read the Technical Information:

    “The entire roof can also be opened up by rolling back the roof tiles which are connected flexibly with bright yellow ropes.”

  6. Its cute. It will be a comforting place for babies.