Kelli Anderson

So, I admit it, I am over portfolio sites. I can’t remember when I was last completely excited over seeing one. Until just now. Kelli Anderson emailed me and thanked me for blogging the Handkerchief Wedding Invitation Design a few weeks back. She pointed me to a blog post explaining the entire process. I then clicked to her portfolio site and clicked and clicked and clicked. I am impressed and am sending a big giant hat tip over to Kelli.

ps: Check out the Google Map inspired navigation on the homepage. Quite amusing!

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  1. The enter page was first done here:

    It’s actually a couple years old but genius all the same.

  2. That’s my wife and me on those Save-The-Dates, which Kelli meticulously re-worked from an old campaign poster and some images from the Library of Congress.

    Kelli’s a great designer, a close friend, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a unique take on their project.

  3. here a little list of websites with similar navigation through g-maps (feel free to add you own)

  4. So what are you impressed with specifically? I think the left navigation type is to light and hard to read.