Museum for Rescued Letters

Lucky Berliners! They have a Museum for Rescued Letters.

The Museum of Letters in Berlin is better known to the locals as Buchstabenmuseum. The gallery houses a huge collection of salvaged letters that were once part of large store and factory name signs. With the current rise in popularity of typography and a desire to preserve the past before it is too late, the Museum of Letters has been attracting crowds since its opening four years ago.

Can we please start one of these in NYC? I have the first artifact sitting right here on my desk. Look!

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  1. Oh, I’d love to see this!

  2. Lakewood, Ohio too.

  3. For awhile there was sign storage happening in Las Vegas – not sure if they still do that.

  4. wish we had one in NYC sndslike a place i’d hang out in

  5. Different but just as cool for typography lovers. Hamilton Wood Type and Printing museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

  6. Oh lush, what a perfect idea

  7. Oh lush, what a brilliant idea

  8. What a great idea for a museum. I have some small rescued letters in my studio. I am glad to know there is a safe place for the larger letters.

  9. Las Vegas has the Neon Museum which I think SamLowry was mentioning:

    The flickr group has great photos:

  10. Hey there, very cool to read about this museum on international blogs, too. I’ve been there some months ago to take some pictures and wrote an article about it (in German), so if you want to see some more photos of these beautiful letters, check out:

    Please note that this was still their old location, they moved some weeks ago. I hope I can visit the new location soon. Those guys make a great job :)

  11. I went to a market in Berlin earlier this year and they had a giant Helvetica R for sale, it wouldn’t have fitted in my hand luggage :(

  12. Lucky for us, Montréal has it’s own sign saviors


  13. I just visited the Vegas Neon Sign Boneyard a few weeks ago. It felt like being inside a designer’s mind during a fantastical day dream — a sweaty, hot day dream in the middle of the desert at that! So, so cool.

  14. What a unique museum, I love the concept and design!