Online Printing Quote Machine

Young designer Shane Snow always disliked searching for printing quotes. So, what’s a designer to do? He made his very own printing price finder machine. (powered by a potato!) Designers, Business Owners, photographers, studios, freelancers, punk rock bands: You’ve all come to the right place to take the ‘sucks’ out of ‘printing’.

UPDATE: If you experience difficulties getting your quote. Try a little later. Shane just emailed me and said that the post took down his server… :(

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  1. Have you been able to get a quote? I am having issues with the site. cool idea, though.

  2. I’ve actually been in the process of switching to Amazon EC2 for my hosting, and in the meantime there has been sporadic downtime. Luckily it’s only happening when a killer blog like Swiss-Miss sends 10,000 visits in the same hour. :)

    So cool of you to feature the site!