Robot Man

Check out this wooden, minimalist Robot Man. Love at first sight? Yes! Inspired by traditional japanese joinery, his wooden frame and elastic muscles enable him to hold all sorts of poses. Folds neatly into a cube for rest time.

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  1. too bad they are out of stock, I would have bought on on the spot.

  2. it doesn’t say it on the link you included – but this was designed by David Weeks:

  3. it’s also sold on the David Weeks website:

    and SwissMiss – we have a package that was delivered here, but meant for you. Misdelivered by the mail.

  4. Mr. Roboto is amazing! What a great gift for all ages.

  5. OMG, my 6ry old son would LOVE this!

    Rushes to site to see if they deliver to the UK ….

  6. Yay! They do international deliveries!

    Have signed up for notification of when it’s next in stock. What excellent value for money it is as well.