The NEW Twitter

A new Twitter Site is starting to roll out to users today. Halllelujah! They finally addressed the lacking usability, interactivity on their site. So far, to get a true idea of what Twitter can do for you, you had to use one of the many iPhone or Desktop Apps out there. Curious to see how the new design will pan out. Looks promising in the video. (Can’t help but notice that the design very much reminds me of the iA’s Facebook redesign I saw the other day.)

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  1. Some people will be afraid that 3rd party apps will now dry up, but Hootsuite still has its advantages with a media rich Twitter. This is just going to make Twitter more popular and bring more people into the nest… making everything more interesting. I know some people who have that love/hate relationship with Facebook who should finally be able to grasp what Twitter is about because of this major update.

  2. The video is cute but does a lousy job of showing you the redesign. What I’m wondering is if you’ll finally be able to manage more than one Twitter account from the official Twitter webpage. Or if you’ll still need a 3rd party app for that.