Typography for Lawyers

A site devoted to teach laywers the ins and outs of Typography? Yes! Why? Because good typography makes your written documents more professional and more persuasive. Typographyforlawyers.com

(thank you Josh)

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  1. Why surprise? Lawyers, and also I suppose laywers, pioneered the use of TeX software for typesetting legal and official government letters and papers. Music composers used it. Scientific journals picked it up from them. Typesetting in government conveys far more than nuance and sentiment, but also context, prior meaning, priority and position of a defence or an argument. Typography for scientists is taught at my university, just try publishing scientific numerical notation without a knowledge of font, kern, case, and special characterisation. Typography conveys far more than the casual reader might realise, and has been an essential part of business, art, science and government for a very long time.

  2. A must read for 99% of internet users.

  3. Just to let you know, Butterick has written and designed a wonderful book based on the website, and goes into terrific detail on a number of areas he previously just touched on. The book is now available for preorder and is due sometime this November: http://bit.ly/cyGDep

  4. Laywers? Correct spelling also makes written documents more professional and persuasive.