Weightshift just launched Interhoods, a real-world directory for designers and developers. The sign up process is incredibly simple: Log in with your Dribbble or Github accounts and identify your location in New York, San Francsico or Chicago (more cities coming soon). I agree with Khoi, it’s cool to be able to see who is physically near you, neighborhood by neighborhood, and will be even more useful if it achieves critical mass. Well done, Naz and Scott!

Check it out and register your location at

(via subtraction)

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  1. I hope it comes to Houston TX, granted we’re not know for a huge design presence but we’re people here too!!!

  2. well, you have to have a dribble account to use it, but you can only get a dribble account by invite right now. So, um, we can’t register :(

  3. Eric, if you’re on twitter just ask for an @dribbble account and someone will probably get back to you with one. that’s what I did yesterday, anyway.
    Now listed in Fort Greene!

  4. Really cool. Thanks so much, Swiss Miss!