Etsy Headquarters NYC

Photos by Ty Cole

I had the pleasure to meet two Etsy folks, Randy J Hunt and Dave Brown, for lunch today. Even though Etsy’s headquarter is only two blocks away from swissmiss studio, I never had a chance to stop by. That changed today! Dave gave me a big tour and needless to say, I was quite impressed. Not only do they have a fulltime chef (!), they also bought all their furniture and decoration off Etsy. What struck me is that their office is a 100% true to their brand. The office maintains the handmade feel of the products they carry. Impressive.

Did you see those big giant orange lamps? And the curtains?

(images via ApartmentTherapy, by photographer Ty Cole.)

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  1. Great creative environment :)

  2. Very cool! I love the different office doors :)

  3. omg, that is so cool, thanks for sharing.

  4. Great place to work, I hope to work in one like this some day.

  5. Amazing! i’d love to work there!

  6. Would be such an amazing place to work!

  7. looks like a urban outfitters shop!

  8. Ahh, I guess this environment is the result of being surrounded by creative products! ;)

  9. WOW. What a great environment to work in. I want one of those orange TRIFFID lamps, love em!

  10. Incredible headquarters, I would love to wander around in there to see all the hand crafted items in person.

  11. The red telephone box door is great!

  12. Ok, it’s official I want to work there!

  13. Wow! I would like to work there! Thanks for sharing!

  14. This is an awesome studio. Very conducive to creativity. Clearly creativity breeds creativity.

  15. Anybody – Anybody know where those large floor lamps are from?!!!

  16. dave – you’ve been there all of a month and you’re already getting press. nice :) randomly stumbled on this in the ARTS section of HuffPost today. and our world continues to shrink…

  17. The offices have a lot of character. I’m sure it’s a great environment to work in. Very creative.

  18. I wont to work here!


  19. As you said, they truly stayed true to their brand. At a first glance I could tell it was {or at least might be} Etsy’s office. Something like this is always great to see, and indeed helpful when one studies branding. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I love how they have decorated their office with things from etsy, great way to stand behind your idea!

  21. It was great having you come by, Tina!
    We make the environment and the environment makes us!

  22. i hope to grow my company into something like this. brilliant.

  23. Wow, having an Etsy store and all I am thrilled to see these!! Great post.

  24. This is great. I love seeing inside offices and homes! And especially Etsy since I have a shop with their site…


  25. Looks like a wonderful place to work!

  26. Ahhhh! I love Etsy so much, and now I love it even more. These photos make me want to move right in. Or, maybe I’ll have the kids in my art class make some wacky lamps for the art room. So inspirational.

  27. very cool, thanks for the inside peek

  28. the doors are adorable!!!!

  29. I love those funky lamps.

  30. Holy Moly! that is amazing! I would love to work there!

  31. I keep waiting for a job to open up that I would be qualified for. Etsy, if you’re reading this, please hire me!