LEGO storage

LEGO Storage brick boxes? But of course! YES! Take toy storage in your living room to a new level. Made me smile.

(thank you Darren)

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  1. I am so excited by these I may burst. ^_^

    Going to buy one of the giant heads for my bookshelf and one of the bricks to actually hold my Lego. I may be 27 but lego is one of the greatest things ever. ^_^

  2. Christmas gift #1

  3. one word… AWESOME! One of those things I never knew I needed until I saw it, but now shall not rest until I have several in my house.

  4. yes….AWESOME! the LEGO-MOM! :)

  5. wow, i would love these!! I wish they shipped to the US!!

  6. I would love to get these for my boys to store their Lego in, has anyone found anywhere that will ship these to the US? Thanks.

  7. What a lovely day for a 391123! SCK was here

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