CSS3 for Web Designers

A Book Apart just came out with another fantastic read: CSS3 For WebDesigners by Dan Cederholm. Required reading for anyone who wants to make the web a more beautiful place. As with all the books from A Book Apart, this one is brief: you won’t learn everything there is to know about CSS3, just what you need to know.

I haven’t read it yet myself but heard raving reviews from people that have. You can get the Paperback for $18 or the ebook for $9.

(Hat tip to my studiomates Mandy and Jason!)

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  1. I ordered the complete set yesterday (HTML5+CSS3, paperback & ebook), and I am very excited to read them both. (I’ll probably get an iPad at some point, so I wanted the digital versions.)

  2. Thanks so much for the post, Tina! :)