Fooducate iPhone App

Fooducate’s iPhone App lets shoppers make better, healthier choices at the supermarket. It empowers you with all the tips and tricks Fooducate’s been writing about on their blog. The nifty app let’s you scan the barcode of a food product and then tells you the good and the bad. And it suggests healthier alternatives.

(via jayparkinson)

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  1. Hi Tina, thanks for mentioning us.
    Would love to get your feedback after you’ve used the app…

  2. Can’t find this in the app store … Is it not available in Canada?

  3. @Alicia – US only right now.

  4. looks really great!

    Pity its only for US…

  5. Does this require Wi-fi for access to the database or is the information stored locally on the application?

  6. You need cellular or wi-fi data connection. The product info is stored online.

  7. Bring it to Canada!

  8. Any chance that this app will eventually get ported to Android and Blackberry devices….? Please?

  9. Shame it’s not available in Canada yet!

  10. Looks like a HealthCheck logo that companies can’t just buy to put on their products. Send it to your neighbours in the north, yo!



  13. Another Canadian looking for the app!

  14. Yes! Please make available to Canadians!

  15. Another Canadian that would love this app!

  16. An additional Canadian interested in Fooducate.

  17. I saw this on an iPhone at a Weight Watcher meeting and would love to know if it will soon become available for a Blackberry. Any chance?

  18. Why can we not get this in Canada – it’s not like we aren’t purchasing the same freaking food products that arethat sold in USA!! Would be much appreciated if we could have this feature on our iPhones!

  19. 2013 is 1/2 over and this app STILL seems to be unavailable here in Canada ! This situation is a major bummer !!!!!!

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