Dress Size Converter

This International Dress Size Converter is a great idea for a helpful mini resource site but with a lousy execution. (Did you see the Fav Icon?)

Here’s how it works: Simply select your dress size from the drop-down list which corresponds to the sizing scale used in your country, and the equivalent sizes in all other international standards will be displayed.

Somebody should make a beautiful, fun, designy version of this! Anyone?

(thank you bobulate)

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  1. Yeah, we heard you!
    That little website is one of many attempts to tackle this problem – however, it looks long since abandoned and not entirely … well, accurate.
    Actually, we’re on track to do what you want (plus much more) on your iPhone with “Favorelli” (www.favorelli.com). Beautifully designed, of course.
    We’ve already cataloged all international size systems and will enable sharing in v1.2 in time before Christmas. Expect profound size conversions from Favorelli within Q1/2011!
    It’s a pretty hard problem to solve, though: The fashion industry HATES standards!

  2. The “little website” has one small problem for me: I’m a UK26 and it stops at UK22 … yes, I can do the counting myself but then I don’t need a website … *sigh*

    … but there’s hope maybe with favorelli …