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Excited to see that Fasten Seat Belts now came out with a guide for Asia. (I posted about their Europe guide a while back.) Fasten Seat Belts is a lighthearted guide to avoid missunderstandings while travelling.

It’s an innovative (visual) way to learn languages and pick up cultural tips. The videos describe various “Dos and Don’ts” (gestures, traditions, manners…) relating to 6 countries of South Asia : Japan, China, Korea, India, Thailand and Vietnam. The videos offer a chance to learn some simple and useful expressions in the official languages of these 6 countries.

Did you know that in China people count to ten only using one hand? See below:

China 6_Count to 10 using only one hand. from 43 Films on Vimeo.

And the guides now even come as iPhone Applications. Nifty!

(thank you Barbara)

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  1. Nerds can count to 31 on one hand.

  2. Nice. Although China travellers should be aware that there is another way how to count ten using both hands. Like demonstrated here

  3. That Fasten Seat Belts Site is ammazing! I definitely learned a few of those things the hard way while living in asia. And the sign language is one of the first things I teach people when they ask for advice in china. Awesome video.

  4. I found the site quite cool until I discovered what they say about Spain… please, never ever follow that tip!! It is totally disgusting and untrue! :S

  5. I lived in Spain (Barcelona) for 3 years and was very often told to throw things like my toothpicks (used as cutlery) or my used paper towel on the floor so that the waiters could sweep them up easily. Isn’t that what they mean on the site, and if so, it’s really not disgusting. It’s a quick and practical way of dealing with the waste generated by many people eating many many plates of tapas.

  6. Please, I am from Spain and although I don’t say that that can happen in some tapas bar, don’t take that as a rule. Just my advice.