Go for Everything

While the ending is a little too overdone for my taste (sound- and special effects wise) I think this global HEAD commercial with ski superstar Lindsey Vonn is fantastic.

Congrats /department. Well done.

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  1. I stopped it after hearing the first four words “Everyday, around the world …” spoken in a Hollywood-trailer voice with extra cheese on top. Ugh.

  2. cheezy with extra cheese

  3. What a commercial! I like the ending – it adds meaning to the previous scenes.

  4. @Rob @Nitpicker The cheese should be taken with a grain of salt :)

  5. At the end when I saw the intensity in her eyes I wanted to see a sequence of cuts – a mix of her blazing down the mountain, streamers on her tricycle handlebars, water spray from the boat, revving tachometer dial on the Corvette…

  6. unusually for this blog – this is pretty horrible stuff actually. Well done? Really?