Lens Bracelets

Here’s a perfect gift for any photo buff: Lens Bracelets.

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  1. OH MY GOD

    I WANT

  2. an aussie based artist does a similar take on this, but using actual old lenses. http://www.oyemodern.com/designers/re-vision/

    a lot more expensive, but a lot better.

  3. yeah… these are amazing.

  4. Made in… China? Hopefully not, lest we all walk around with heavily radiated, necrotic wrists.

  5. that’s exactly what I need… are they also available in switzerland? and if so, where?

  6. These are made in the US. Created by a photographer named Adam Elmakias.

    Go check out his work – http://www.adamelmakias.com/

  7. Cool product but uncool prices

  8. Only Nikon and Canon…What about Olympus?