Little Owl Lost

I am always looking for new Children’s Books ideas for our little Ella. That’s why I love reading 36Pages by Craig Frazier where he highlights children’s books that catch his eye. In his latest post he introduces Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton. It instantly won my heart. How incredibly adorable are those illustrations? (I will order this for Ella asap. One holiday gift down! Yay!)

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Read Craig Frazier’s Blog post

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  1. Gorgeous illustrations. Even the type. I love how contemporary they look, while at the same time don’t look like they will date or also not look great when kids reading it will have grown up.

    That’s good design I suppose.

  2. thanks so much guys!

    so amazing to see this post as im a big fan of your blog….
    thanks tina!
    hope ella enjoys the book :)

    actually you might enjoy this blog post about the making of the book

  3. I read this book aloud to my class the other day and we all just absolutely loved it. So great to see kids’ books that appeal to adults as well:)