At a first glance, I have to say WorkFlowy looks amazing. A simple yet powerful way of organizing your thoughts/todo’s. Super minimal. Just the way I like it. Definitely a nice addition to how I organize my TeuxDeuxs. Check out the video below.

(Thanks Zach)

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  1. Unfortunately, I singned up to use it and anything never happened. I could never open the page. In my computer (a new PC – I don’t know if this is the problem…), after creating an “account”, every time I try to access the website to use it, a page from Google Chrome opens in a very weird way. Hope it works for other people because seams a very nice work tool.

  2. I don’t like websites that ask for email addresses first without showing me what they do. What’s so wrong about some screenshots or a FAQ list?

  3. Looks like a nice outliner. Outliners are awesome. – awesome outliner and more. Great balance between simplicity and functionality. I use it for brainstorming – great keyboard support.

  4. @alfora – did the 45 second video not show you enough screenshots of the tool in action?

  5. It looks a little bit like a online version of Omni Outliner

  6. Looks great, thanks.

    I’m a big fan of OmniFocus for todos (not minimal at all, I know!) but for outlining this looks like a great alternative to OmniOutliner.

  7. First read about this on lifehacker, I’m already using teuxdeux and trust this blog, so gave it a shot… but who would’ve thought this is so good!?

    Already one of my almost-always open tabs, looking forward to the navigation and moving of items getting better.

  8. I will have to give it a try. I really like TeuxDeux. Thanks for sharing.

  9. also check thinklinkr for a collaborative outliner.

  10. I´m planing something similar cloud based service called A simple yet powerful way of organizing your ideas, inventions before you file them for as a patent application.