So you think a serious food shopping trip for a family of 4 is impossible without a car? Think again. Christopher Machet brings you the Camioncyclette. It can carry loads up to 150kg.

Camion + Bicyclette = Camioncyclette
Truck + Bicycle = Truckcycle

(Thank you Veerle!)

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    I want something like this

  2. Gawd, I wish I could share this on Facebook. This is great and kinda inspirational in that if there’s a will, there IS a way!

  3. Does the load weight include the rider or not? If that is + rider, wow. So I can put my 200lb self on this bike, and load it up with 300lb of cargo and then hope I only have to pedal on flat land or a slight downhill. A hill would destroy me, and a steep hill could kill me.

  4. haha!

    Where is this picture from?

    He looks very portuguese but it might also be from France or spain!

  5. It’s funny, I go to the school right in front of his store, and every morning he serves me a nice and hot coffee !