Christmas Tree Alternative

Here’s a very stylish Christmas Tree Alternative: The recycled wooden (x-mas) trees are approximate 43/45 cm high and are made out of 6 different planks. There’s a small piece of string attached to the back so you can hang it on a wall. You can screw small hooks in the planks so that you can decorate the tree.

(via apartmentdiet)

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  1. Well, that gets the award for the most ugly “Christmas Tree Alternative” ever. “Stylish” doesn’t even enter into it.

  2. Well, to me it is. It’s all subjective, isn’t it?

  3. From the thumbnail, I thought it was books!

  4. My family gets a little rosemary tree each year. We set it on the table and decorate it with little paper ornaments, then pull some off each day and cook with it. Pretty and useful!

  5. I knew there would be some smart arse comment about this one (Stephen)… it’s just unusual, someone is doing something different no ones making you swap your tree!

  6. An other alternative: