Fast Motion in Slow Motion

Graeme Taylor captures the world using a high-speed video camera on a fast-moving train. I agree with Capn Design, the results are really striking.

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  1. Impressive, indeed. Especially when you cover one eye while watching: You get an improved 3D experience since your brain can better compensate for the missing depth.

  2. On dirait des acteurs qui posent exprès pour le tournage…

  3. Striking. It puts things into perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this video, especially as its a station (Bath Spa) that I’ve been to so many times but hadn’t noticed certain features before

  5. Nice vid. More details on this site:

  6. Interesting how you can see the incessant flickering of the fluorescent bulbs in some of the buildings.

  7. what’s striking is that i think you only see one person on their cell/smart phone. where is this magical place where people are not obnoxiously texting or yelling into their cell phones?

  8. Bath Spa has a really long platform…

  9. I like this a lot. Great capture.

  10. So this is why there was nothing on the internet yesterday – this video stole all the cool.

  11. This concept has been used for years in the music video industry. They have the performer move quickly while singing a double speed version of the song, then slow it back down and every motion is emphasized.

    Great video.

  12. really like. Reminds me of this:

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