Magic Holiday Elves

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into the studio this morning. Some magic holiday elves came and decorated the studio! I was welcomed by a white christmas tree with red and white decorations. (White crosses on red background everywhere! Wheeee!) I also discovered garlands and custom made stockings (!) for every studiomate.

It didn’t take long to find out who was behind this lovely surprise. The elves are called Skylar, Josh and Aymie, our fellow studiomates. They sent me the photos of the making of and photos of all the individual stockings. I guess it’s pretty easy to guess which one is mine.

(One of our studiomates doesn’t really embrace this whole holiday extravaganza, so the elves hung this christmas ornament over his computer. Made me laugh.)

Skylar, Aymie, Josh, you are amazing. Consider this a big giant thank you hug. You all deserve a medal for your efforts. You have made my holiday season a really good one.

And yes, this has been the BEST monday morning surprise ever!

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  1. that is so sweet of your studio mates. quick question for the “little elves”. can you ask them what sort of circle cutter they used? and did they like it (i.e. it makes clean cuts)?

  2. Elf here! The circles were cut using 2 different sized hole punchers by Paper Shapers. They do make clean cuts (moreso on medium to heavy stock vs thin magazine paper) and superfast, I highly recommend them. They also come in different sizes and shapes:

  3. Thanks so much Skylar. I might have to upgrade my old puncher. By the way, did you know that punching through tin foil sharpens them when they get dull?

  4. SO FUN! Lucky girl. :)

  5. Love, love, love the Bah Humbug ornament. Did the elves make or buy? I’d love the details… Thanks!

  6. Elf again. The Bah Humbug was bought (from Macy’s).

  7. @swissmiss I did not know that! Good tip.

  8. Holy cow. You guys are amazing. Can’t wait to see this tomorrow!

  9. thank you, elf skylar!! great tip and great decorating. :)

  10. Where is the “Thinkin of a master plan” print from?

  11. Tina, the tree is beautiful. Seeing your studio with the bridge out the window made me homesick for NY. Sigh…waving back from San Francisco!