In case you like to travel but don’t know about AirBnB yet, watch this brand new video:

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  1. well, it looks like you don’t actually save money… with AirBnB! No, I’m probably jelous, and too poor for that candy pillows..

  2. Can I make a suggestion that you watch the dimensions of the video? Seems as though part of the right hand side of the screen is being cut off due to some posting problems, just for future reference!

  3. Ops. Thanks for pointing that out, Nicholas. Fixed.

  4. I really like the idea of this.

    Just not sure if I’d ever have the guts to use this service or not.

  5. I’ve booked with Airbnb for next march in NYC! Hope it turns out ok. I’m really excited (and saved a lot of money).

  6. I suppose it’s a pretty good idea from a cost effective perspective, but I’m not sure I’d ever use this service.

  7. Try it! I just got back from using Airbnb in LA and have just taking my first booking for our flat next month. It’s much better than a hotel if you like space and doing your own thing.

  8. Guys, please check this web:
    This guys do exactly that… for free.
    One of my dearest friends spent some days in Paris and some in Madrid through Couchsurfing and she was delighted. Another friend of mine is hosting people here in Buenos aires there too :)
    I always wanted to create my own profile, but I keep forgetting!
    Thanks for the indirect reminder, I’ll do it right away :)

  9. Yeah I was going to point out as well. It’s this exact same thing except it’s free. So they don’t have a well produced promo video.

  10. I agree, this say “couchsurfing plus profit” all over it. Couchsurfing has definitely restored my faith in humanity, but paying for it all of a sudden? No thanks.

  11. I’m a host on AirBnB and I love it. I offer private rooms in our house, and breakfast, for a pretty cheap rate. We’ve been booked since we started, and it’s helped me through a difficult career transition. The guests seem to love it as well – our guests seem to be mostly European couples who want some comfort (nice sheets, fluffy towels, a real bed) but don’t want to pay $300 a night. It’s been a win-win so far.

  12. I think this is a great idea to make some extra money simply by being resourceful, clean, and nice! :) As much as I appreciate a site like, the idea of sleeping on somebody’s couch I have never met is a little unsettling. The idea of taking someone else’s living room space over that I don’t know is awkward, and there is no privacy either. With AirBnB, you get your own room, so it’s more like spending the night at grandma’s, rather then spending the night at a stranger. Technically yes, it’s a stranger’s house, but if you don’t like that stranger, you can simply close the door, curl up and go right to sleep without worrying if someone is staring at you while u’re sleeping on a couch per say. ;) Besides, if you ARE sleeping at a bed and breakfast, it’s really no different. That’s someone’s home with rooms that they opened up to you. It’s only fair that you should pay them for their hospitality. Next time I travel to FL, I might just check out this service. :) Great find!

  13. couchsurfing is a couch sometimes the floor, why would you pay for that, it SHOULD be free?

    Airbnb is a real bed in a real room sometimes in a house share like mine and sometimes the tenant vacates their one bedroom for you.
    We have hosted 3 times and it has been nothing shorter than fabulous!
    We requested the free airbnb photographer to come and shoot the place and he is also simultaneously checking the place out to make sure it is legit.

    We are in Brooklyn, here is us:

    you are more than welcome to stay with us!