Grid-A-licious is a stunningly clean and beautiful WordPress theme. See the demo site here.

(Thanks Andreas)

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  1. Looks amazing, nice and clean design, great job

  2. Beautiful theme. I don’t use WordPress, but if I did, I would be downloading this immediately.

  3. That is fantastic! A bit expensive but that’s what you get for quality, for sure, for sure.

  4. demo site doesn’t work. damn!

  5. Demo works properly again. :)

    Thanks for the heads up.

  6. This theme is a waste of money – it doesn’t work with WordPress 3.1 unless you delve into code modifications and the developer’s support forum is pathetic: he hasn’t posted any help or feedback to requests in almost a month.

    It uses nonstandard ways of handling images and media (you can’t insert images into a post, like you can with pretty much any other wordpress blog) and the “media embed” support advertised is limited to youtube and vimeo. Other players don’t work.

    The theme costs more than pretty much any other similar theme on the market, so you generally expect it will be supported or updated in a timely manner.

  7. Biggs>

    I’m running theme on 3.1 without any modifications.

    True, the theme doesn’t use the WP standards, but I must say it works very well as it is built for.

    I’m a happy GAL2-user and dont regret I purchased a 5 licences pack.

    (The support forum is greta, even though the developers dont post much)

  8. Milan>

    Here’s my beef with it:

    I install it on 3.1 and it will only display one thumbnail on the index page. It’s been a month since the dev posted *anything* on his own forum.

    Here’s a thread where many users are literally begging for support:

    I had to wade through the support forum to find a fix, which required modifying code in the functions.php file. The fix wasn’t even posted by the dev, but by another user.

    The documentation says it will support “media embeds” but it won’t support MP3 embeds or video other than Youtube or Vimeo, which rules out many other media hosting services, including the one I use.

    You can’t insert images into the post itself, but have to use the (really bad) wordpress “gallery” for image management.

    I just think it’s really bad form for the dev to sell something that’s basically a beta release and charge out the nose for it. I’m sure the theme will be good if he eventually updates it to fix these issues and user requests, but until then it’s a waste of money.

  9. biggs>
    goto settings and change the number of posts to show.

    regarding support, i can agree with you on hoping for more support by the creators, but it says kinda clear that there is minimal support from the creators themselves.

    you can embed any or tags afaik?

  10. how can i download this template? I cant find it anywhere.

  11. whole supermarker site down. No SUPPORT