1994: What is the internet anyway?

(Thank you Jennifer)

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  1. The internet and sleep deprivation and Katie Couric…. sort of solves itself.

  2. My favorite line:

    “Internet is the massive computer, the one that’s becoming really big right now.”

  3. My favorite part about this clip is how angry Bryant Gumbel appears to be over this whole “Internet” thing and how he doesn’t understand what the @ symbol represents.

  4. wauw.. this is classic

  5. TOO funny!

    They’re not even saying “What is THE internet?”… they’re just saying “What is internet?” which is even funnier.

    Really, who remembers Brian being so angry? I guess technology does that to some!

  6. LOVE this…hahahaha. How quickly things change.

  7. Too cool! (;

    It’s only 16yrs ago! (;

  8. Shows you how smug and stupid these talking heads were. And they remain so. Not so much because they didn’t know what “internet” was; who really did back then?, but their blase attitude toward the subject and each other is sickening.
    That’s why they’re more like talking props than journalists.

  9. Thank you for absolutely making my day with this. I can’t believe someone actually said those words, but I know there was a day when I said them too.
    Pure. Gold.

  10. Soo good!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This one is really cool!

  12. They cut the part out where Bryan says, “Apparently you can get porn on this thing?”

  13. Are we sure this isn’t Katie Couric in 2004?

  14. Aw, the guy who found this in the archives got fired. http://www.aolnews.com/2011/02/05/nbc-fired-employee-for-posting-bryant-gumbel-what-is-the-intern/

    Here’s another link to the video, looks like the original is down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUs7iG1mNjI