Race Tracks Of The World

Race Tracks Of The World is a supercool wall decoration for the Formula 1 fan in you. (Or someone like me that just simply loves the visual quality and overall concept.) They are made from high quality Baltic birch plywood and matte black Formica. You can select from almost every track around the world. The average size is 36″ square depending upon the track shape. Cool? Definitely!

(via Stilsucht)

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  1. I am sure Mike Jones will have one on his wall soon!

  2. oh these are great! what amazing wall art.

  3. Love it would have to by Spa or Suzuka (the only figure of 8 track). It would be really great if it included the track gradient, it’s something that’s very hard to grasp from the TV coverage.

  4. @Dave – Track Gradient would be AWESOME!

    THese are so cool either way though. I sort of like the idea of a white or gray finish as well, especially if it showed gradient

  5. It would be hard to show gradient since these are laminated. And I would love to see how they do Suzuka with the figure 8.
    Do you think they would do the Nürburgring and how big of a wall would be needed!

  6. Do you know who the manufacturer is?