Inspiring André Da Loba

I stopped by André Da Loba’s studio yesterday and was hit with a big giant brick of inspiration. André lives and breathes creativity. If I could pick a parent for my next life, it would be him. I can only imagine how crafty he’ll get if ever he’ll have a junior. Give him cardboard, paper-mache, cork etc and he’ll turn into into a whimsical work of art. Next time I am going to get crafty with Ella (4yo), I’ll make sure to pull up his site for inspiration!

ps: Just noticed that André is selling his Narigudo Balancing Toy on his site. Ella has one and loves it!

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  1. I love his “The Bear and the Crow” children’s book!

  2. Amazing! He is endlessly inspiring!

  3. ♥♥♥

  4. my boy really love this book “The Bear and the Crow”, even at 2 and half.