Robot Cake

Our son’s first birthday is coming up. Is there a Robot Cake in our future?

(Thank you Ina)

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  1. just discovered your blog last week as a designer. but now I know that you are a mom, too—well I’ll be coming back a lot! Love the cake!!! I can’t even begin to process how you made this and how you kept the baby-childs away while you were doing it! Brilliant.

  2. Oh happy day for the first birthday celebrations. I had visions of a rocket cake for my son’s fourth birthday last November. A sad realisation dawned, however, at 11pm on the night before the party, that I am hopelessly untalented at cake decorating. I wish for you a steady hand and endless patience. All the best recreating this marvel. I love it.

  3. I made a robot cake for my daughter’s first birthday…

  4. Have you seen these?
    (No comission, I promise; I just saw them at poppytalk)

  5. Oh god, this cake it´s just too awesome! :D