Milton Glaser on teaching

Fundamentally I teach because it makes me feel good. It helped me certainly clarify my own objectives. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing someone’s life affected in a positive way by something you’ve said.

— Milton Glaser on why he teaches

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  1. Love this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. “It helped me certainly clarify my own objectives.”

    This is so true, I can certainly relate. As a musician, I had spent many years teaching privately, and found that in order to convey an idea or an approach to a younger learner, I first truly understand it and why and how I did things yourself.

  3. Hello there, I love love love this quote from Milton Glacer. I would love to use this quote for a paper I am currently writing. But I need the specific reference to where he said it. Could you help me with this. Thanks so much. Alex