Typefaces of the World

Typefaces of the World is a poster Shelby White created to show the typefaces that are most commonly used in a lot of today’s design. The poster includes information for each typefaces such as the year it was made, the location and the typographer. These 50 typefaces were chosen based on popularity and usefulness in present design. It was by mere coincidence that the typefaces were nearly split 50/50 between Europe and the United States. But it does show that the most prominent locations for typographers were in these areas.

What a beauty! I would love to hang one of these in my studio. Shelby says he is toying with the idea of adding a store to his site. Let’s hope he does soon! Typefaces of the World! Wishlisted!

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  1. Ooh, I love the design and layout of this. Where can I get one?

  2. Um…Australia?? Big continent, lots of designers…heck we even have electricity.

  3. Holy smokes you’re right, I’ll have to ask Shelby about that. Thanks Melinda!

  4. to me, this sort of design looks like the kind that comes to you just before you’re about to fall asleep…..i love it when an idea strikes and you just have to get it out of your head :) wonderful when it comes together :)