Conference Table Quest

I am currently researching sleek, minimal looking conference tables for our new conference room. Ideally I’d like it to be white and foldable. I started a Conference Room Pinterest Board where I am collecting my finds.

My current favorite is the Pratt Desk. Do you happen to have any recommendations? If so, would you mind to leave them in a comment below?

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  1. Since 10 years I am in love with a Swiss product from Atelier Alinea. I am using the Unistandardtisch since then. There is the sister of the same table called Uniklapptisch. You can choose the toppings as you want. White Lino maybe? All the best from sunny MTX, Kei

  2. Tina,
    I love the Eiermann Tables from Germany.
    I wish someone sold them here in the USA.


  3. no one is most beautiful than the eames one

    classic but hard to do better

  4. Have a look at the tables made by Nils Holger Moormann.

    I am a proud owner of a »Spanoto«, but maybe »Last Minute« does fit better to your purpose. Last but not least, »Egon« is a great homage to the Eiermann table mentioned above.


  5. If you like the Pratt desk, have a look at the table Meltorp from Ikea.


  6. This is a pretty cool folding table:

  7. How about you just get some beautiful beechwood trestle legs and purchase a table top of your choosing to suit:

  8. I am a big fan of the Kartell Four Table. I have one in my kitchen and I don’t want to miss it.

  9. Why not an oval top?

  10. for the swiss in you: a biergarten-style table! white top + red legs?

  11. Tina, hopefully I will be able to sell a small batch of my crutches table soon:

    Vieli Grüess us dr Schwitz, Nicola

  12. The IKEA Norden dining room table is cheap and durable. It expands wider than most conference tables. Real wood wears better than melamine.

  13. I Love the appearance of this table. It does not fold, but it rolls.

  14. This table doesn’t quite fit your criteria, but I thought I’d suggest it anyway.


  15. Joans! That is what I was gonna say! Identical from the thumbnails to the conference table she is favoring! Nice mention in the NYTimes Home by the way!

  16. What about the Atelier Alinea Unistandardtisch. Simple beauty and swissmande!

  17. I would love so much to foist my trade upon you and offer to build your conference table, but I live across the pond. Sadface.

  18. Here’s one from Brendan Ravendall. I know his lights and they’re not so expensive. Don’t know about table

  19. Ou alos il y a l’ancien mobilier du centre Pompidou !

  20. I use a pratt desk as a dining table at home and we also have a bunch of them as sketching tables at the studio I work for.

    They’re great tables as far as proportions and looks, but unfortunately the tables in both my home and office have started to noticeably wear after only being used for about a year/6 months (respectively)

    They both get very good use so just treat them well and you should be fine.

  21. What about the Jasper Morrison Plate table?
    So beautiful, so minimal, so swissmiss.

  22. Yeah, I second Nils Holger Moormann! Spanoto is great.

  23. definitely meltorp from ikea
    they are so cheap you will want to buy all sizes and a room full!

  24. These guys went to Pratt, and are fantastic designers. Their products are top notch!

  25. I had recently compiled my list as well; thought I would share some notes as well..

    In a similar style of the Pratt
    Progetto 1 | B&B Italia by Monica Armani.
    The details are simply wonderful. Pricing not so much

    also splendid is
    the Reale Table | Zanotta by Carlo Mollino. large size ( there is a company that makes a flat pack replica that is affordable)

    As well on my list are a pair of Vitra conference tables
    Joyn Conferencing by the Bouroullec Bros.
    EM table by Jean Prouvé

    and another simple table.
    Frate | Driade by Enzo Mari

  26. We have just launched a very nice range of executive furniture called Acumen, check it out;

  27. Check these guys out. Foldable