DesignChat Video

Last week I had the honor to be a guest on Ryan McGovern’s DesignChat. He just informed me that the video is now live. You can watch it below, on their site, over on iTunes.

(By the way, sorry that my volume is so much lower than Ryan’s. I had no idea.)

(I took the embedd down as I couldn’t figure out how to turn off autoplay and the Vimeo Upload is still converting)

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  1. Hi, please: no autostart. Thanks for the nice site.

  2. Ah, autostart! My virtual enemy.

  3. I hear you both. Totally annoying. Tried to change the embedd code and couldn’t fix it. Am currently uploading the video to Vimeo and will switch out asap.

  4. Hey Tina, Enjoyed the convo. Can you recommend the headset you’re wearing?? If so, which is it?

  5. The headsets are from Sennheiser. I unfortunately don’t remember the actual model. I do like them.