Goggles Umbrella

My reader Bjerg made my day by pointing me to these Goggles Umbrellas. If this product doesn’t have a built-in happy factor, I don’t know what does. Totally wishlisted. Now, if only I could figure out how to order from this site.

(And yes, I am slightly obsessed with umbrellas, after all, it’s one of the reason why I met my wonderful husband!)

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  1. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this. Very cute.

  2. Definitely makes you smile! Cute idea.

  3. I have seen many nice umbrellas lately, but this one is a real eyecatcher.

  4. Hehe, what a genius idea!

  5. Does anyoe know how to purchase this umbrella? I went to the site and i was about to purchase it, but it is all in chinese and at the purchasing/pament information, it says something about “chinese name”. So does that mean you can only order it there? If not, how much would the shipping and handling be? If anyone can help me translate the page better or find an English site to get it on, can you inform me? Thank You!

  6. I love your website.. Great work.

  7. Thank You Eric!

  8. Available her now too: http://www.ellaumbrella.com/goggles-umbrellas.html

    Free shipping now.