So, I admit, I am not much of a quilt person, but these very minimal and graphical designs by b/perrino made me stop and look.

(via juneberryjam)

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  1. I love, love, love these kinds of quilts that are not all fussy and crafty. BTW, if you like these, you may want to check out the work of Gee’s Bend quilters and also Denise Schmidt.

  2. Thank you! and So boomerang funny crazy thrilling for me. I had no idea that this morning, you’d post from Juneberryjam.com — these wonderful works by BPerrino — also this morning– I spotlighted YOU, Tina and your fabulous site on JuneberryJam.com!

  3. I know, June, I saw your post and discovered your lovely blog! I’ll be back!

  4. BPerrino quilts are even more beautiful , when you can see the actual quilts. swissmiss is a lovely site