how to credit?

Brilliant and necessary! How to properly credit an image visualized in a flowchart by Pia, Erin and Yvette.

(via designsponge / thank you Maria)

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  1. as an IP attorney, I can assure you that infringer is a word

  2. As a photographer i so appreciate this flow chart. As an editor, i agree. “infringer” is a word. According to Webster’s, you can add the “er” suffix to most nouns to mean “one who does ______.”

  3. these flowcharts make my head spin. but as an oft-uncredited photographer i do appreciate it!

  4. Unless you’re on Tumblr. Then it seems the rules fly out the window..

  5. If you are just posting a link to the image (website, song, YouTube video) do you need to ask permission? Example: “today this made me smile” (linked from the word this)

  6. hi tina dear —

    thanks for sharing our poster! and i am SO thrilled to hear that infringer really IS a word! totally made my day.

  7. maybe i should show this to my husband, as i had to tell him that you just can’t take someone’s videos(namely a local news stations hs flyover football vid) without permission. he honestly believed he could & wouldn’t be an infringement :o/ i nipped that in the bud quickly! lol btw he did contact the station to see how much it would cost., because they do let you use it for a certain price :o)


    I’ve used this web site before to find where images appear on the web. It could help you track down one of those hard drive images if you really want to know where you got it from.

  9. Excellently Put!

  10. fun! but can save you some headaches, i’m sure. and it’s copyright-friendly.

  11. informative post, can i know which app. did you use do create the above image. I

  12. You could also probably use to allow people to repost your image. It lets you track where it is, you get pageviews for every time someone at a random blog sees it, and if you need to change it or update it, it gets updated in all instances.

  13. I’ve been thinking if the law about infringement is really implemented in the net. I got confused ’cause some bloggers just copy image without giving credits to the source, made me thinking that “hey, that might be legal,” good I’m too cautious so I seek only legal photos.

  14. Your poster is great! I teach 9th graders and would love to blow this poster up and post it in my classroom. Could I get permission to do so? I think that it is one that my students would pay attention to. Thanks!