Crossword Puzzle Tote Bag

Another fantastic find by BLTD: The Crossword Puzzle Tote Bag.

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  1. I dont know about anyone else, but I always called those “Word Searches”.

    Cross words are the ones you fill in… well try to.

  2. Indeed, Zane! It seems BLTD or OutOfStock mis-named their product. I was so excited when I saw the title of the post and a little let down once I saw the image. I am a true-crossword girl through and through.

  3. Your not alone! Maybe they will make a Crossword one as well?

  4. false advertising. pisses me off. i want a crossword tote.

  5. Both Vanns and Converse have done crossword shoes. No clues, just empty boxes. I know this because I impulse bought them in the run up to my wedding two years ago…I think I bought about 6 pairs of shoes in a month! Any size 39s out there? I’d be happy to hang onto them for you!

  6. awesome farmer