Discussions in Google Docs

Comments in Google Docs have been updated to facilitate rapid and seamless discussions and integrate with email in an intuitive way. Has you tried this yet?

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  1. Poor old Google. First Buzz (which is still cluttering up my gmail since I don’t care enough to turn it off) and now this with the “groooovy” bumper music.

    I wonder how many millions google has flushed down this hole only to find that it still doesn’t have any social mojo.

  2. I agree, Google has no social mojo. But that’s not the point here. This is about collaboration and in this field I have not found any other tool that works as fine, is as cheap and handy as Google Docs and Apps.

  3. “Has you tried this yet?” in your post made me lol.

  4. I believe this is what is left of Google Wave. They integrated the useful features into Google Docs discussions.