Kodak Instamatic 100

I bought this vintage Kodak Instamatic 100 off Etsy a few months back and it’s been sitting on our dining table every since. Purely decorative. When Chris Glass was visiting recently I saw him taking a photo, I didn’t expect it would turn out to be such a beautiful shot. Chris is a master!

Isn’t it a beauty of a camera?

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  1. beautiful shot! I bought a medium format pentax on a flea market 10 years ago. Still love shooting using film…

  2. Vintage film cameras are so pretty! Does it work?

  3. Excellent. If the company that calls itself Kodak today had a brain, they’d copy this and drop a first rate lens in it, add some great chips and a view screen as big as the back and rebrand it “Kodak Digimatic 100.”

    They’ll never be cool enough to do it.

  4. ..or how about putting FILM in it.

    Try it sometime – film blows digital out of the water. And then some.

  5. Nice! Any pictures?

  6. Kodak killed Kodachrome last year.

  7. “Kodak killed Kodachrome last year.” Are you under the impression that Kodachrome was the only film in existence? Oh brother!

    Go take a look at 1,5 million images on flickr:


    Let me know when you’re done.

  8. Beautiful camera and a beautiful shot. I do hope the camera still works.

  9. Great photo! This was my first camera, which I inherited from my mom. I’ve since picked up another one, along with some expired film which I’m looking forward to.

  10. This is a great camera and you should try and use it because the results are wonderful, square and grainy photos. I think it’s 126 film and B&H might have some left.

  11. Yay for Instamatic! I have a large collection of these. Yes, it takes 126 film, or you can ‘hack’ a 126 cartridge to take 35mm film.

  12. Hey Steve, if you hack it to take 35mm film, is the result still square format?

  13. oh i am mad for this photo and story.

  14. Oh, this baby is a real beauty. ( And the photo is wonderful.)
    Already watching one at eBay now! :)

    Thank you! :)

  15. She’s mine! :)!!!
    I won the auction.
    (And it only costs me one Euro plus four Euro for shipping…)

    I totally fell love with this beauty and can’t wait to hold her in my hands.
    Really hope, she even will still be able to take some shots with her, – as I love to take photos…
    But if not:
    I will place her at a throne and stare at her, all day long.

    Thank you again, for sharing.
    (This and everything else.)

  16. I own one of these! I used it on a trip to England/Scotland when I was a kid. It is something I will always treasure.