Modular Fish Hotel

Now here’s what I call a modern take on the good old fishbowl: Modular Fish Hotel.

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  1. i have two of these. they look great but are horrific to clean and the white plastic yellows very fast (very noticeable when you have two stacked).

  2. Happy fishes would choose otherwise. I hoped since NEMO there would be a kind of animal welfare even for fishes in the U.S….

  3. Noticed these a while back and meant to get one so our fish could live in a modern home. Cheaper here:

  4. This looks great!

  5. You cannot be serious to post this in a positive way :( I have never seen such a horrible thing for a living creature. “This looks great” ? And there are people who likes this?
    I really try not to hurt somebody but are you all not able to feel and to think???

  6. I think this thing looks awesome, but I have been looking online for reviews because I want to make sure my fishy is going to be happy in there. If it’ so awful, can you please go into more detail? What’s wrong with it? I’m not even being sarcastic, I really just want to know so I don’t buy it if it’s inhumane in some way.

  7. Hey, just look at the size! In a glasscube like this fishes will not even have plants or roots or something like that to have a very little “normal” life. And this “very little” will never be acceptable for someone who has a heart or an understanding for animals.

    If you buy one of this things, how long will it take if you have to change water? Where should the filter be? And even if a filter would fit, you will have to change it every few days. So the fish will not have a horrible, small, disgusting glasscube, they will have a lot of stress every few days.

    I cannot believe that this question was taken seriously. If you want to give an animal a good home, (in this case), the last one to ask is a designer :( Why not take the simple way and just inform yourself at a store where people have knowledge and book about fish?

  8. It was a legitimate question, weirdo. But thanks anyway.
    Sincerely, The Heartless Animal-hater

  9. You call me a wierdo? Right, apparently it was wierd to answer to a stupid question like that. And it will be wierd to be hurt by your answer because I did never say something personal to you.
    Thanks for that hindside.

  10. I have one; my beta fish seems happy in it. I added a pagoda and a plastic bamboo plant. Since it’s a beta fish, it does not need a filter. I clean the glass cube, once every week. The corners are a bit difficult to clean and have developed some staining. I have not noticed the white yellowing, but I only have one so I can’t make that comparison as well as a previous reviewer. I am considering getting another to stack on top, but am now worried that the two whites might not match…hmmm…