swissmiss on Humble Pied

I am honored to be part of Mig Reyes‘ wonderful Humbled Pied series. Here’s our brief chat and my piece of advice that I’d give to anyone starting out in the design field (or any field of that matter). Here’s a link to my video.

Check out the entire advice archive.

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  1. Great advice Tina! Definitely something to remember next time a scary situation comes up!

  2. just checked the archives. great!

  3. Good advice, I agree. And “leave no stone unturned” if I my humbly chime in.

    Over three years ago I hung out my shingle on the cusp of a recession, with just one client and after just having our third baby (well, my wife had it — :) Definitely a scary proposition! Still going strong though: two more babies and many more clients later to boot. If not for the unflagging support of my wife I am sure the whole thing would’ve gone belly up in an instant.