The Wind Knitting Machine

There’s certain inventions that just make you smile and there’s no deeper reason for them to exist. But the fact that it made me smile in the first place, was worth it being created. This Wind Knitting Machine is a perfect example: With the power of the wind, a knitting machine knits from the outside towards the inside of a building. The knitted material is harvested from time to time and rounded-off in individually packaged scarves. Each scarf has its own label which tells you in how much time it has been knitted and on which date.

(via tweeting Justus Bruns)

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  1. Prior to the last couple of months, I have never seen a machine like this and now, I have seen two. The link leads to a picture of a 19th century knitting machine used to make socks and scarves.


  2. Can you purchase these scarves I wonder?

  3. A stich in time saves nine.
    Remines me of a Siren Elise Wilhelmsen’s graduation project.

  4. So poetic, silent scarves! In some way it also reminds me of that fairytale – with the girl prisoned in that castle tower, growing her hair so long that her prince charming could save her. Totally forgot the tale’s title…

  5. nice concept… similarly wind energy can be used for many other purposes.. like charging your cell phone… chk the latest concept in trend —

  6. This would certainly work here in Iceland!

  7. So like a human knitter…a little bit one day, some more another day, some days not much at all.